Mango pickle recipe, avakai, easy methods to make mango pickle


Mango pickle recipe, avakai or avakaya, Andhra’s culinary satisfaction

mango pickle

Mango pickle – Avakai

Its a identified indisputable fact that Andhra is synonymous with ‘avakai’ or mango pickle. Andhra mango pickle goes by the identify avakai or avakaya. The principle substances of avakai are ‘ava’ which suggests mustard and ‘kai’ or ‘kaya’ that means uncooked fruit. There are quite a few widespread variations of avakai like bellam avakai or candy mango pickle, endu avakai (solar dried), allam avakai (ginger), nuvvu avakai (sesame seeds), pesara avakaya (moong dal), mamidikaya menthi pachadi and lots of extra. However the king of pickles, avakai, is unbeatable in taste. The most effective conventional culinary gems of Indian meals.

avakaya mango pickle

Andhra meal – steamed rice, mudda pappu, kotha avakai, ghee, thotakura vepudu, charu, selfmade pelalu vadiyalu & majiga mirapakayalu

It goes with out saying that no Andhra meal is full with out avakaya. We, telugu folks, take satisfaction in serving our friends a comforting Andhra meal consisting of sizzling steamed white rice, mudda pappu (mashed tur dal), kotha avakaya (freshly made mango pickle) with a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) together with a vegetable stir fry or curry, charu (rasam), appadam, perugu (yogurt) and majiga mirapakayalu (solar dried chilies).

The great a part of summer time in our a part of the world in Andhra is the arrival of the king of fruits, green mangoes and kotha avakai (freshly made mango pickle). Yearly, come summer time, mango pickling is a culinary custom that’s adopted with utmost reverence, pleasure, care and love. It’s a enjoyable course of the place the entire household, together with prolonged relations pitch in to make avakai and fill massive jaadis (ceramic pickle jars or bharanis) with ready avakai.

As youngsters, we might go to our mango farm with my grandfather to observe the mangoes plucked off the tree to make mango pickle. The mangoes are speculated to be hand plucked and thoroughly introduced off the tree with out letting them fall on the bottom. Even a small bruise to the mango is rendered ineffective to make mango pickle. Completely agency, mature, fiborous, unblemished, bitter mangoes are required.

As soon as the mangoes are plucked, they’re for use the identical day to arrange the mango pickle. The contemporary uncooked mangoes are soaked in water for an hour, wiped dry and thoroughly minimize with a particular knife. It does take a particular ability to chop the mangoes with the kernel (tenkai or outer core) intact and into uniform measurement items. The pith is discarded whereas the laborious kernel is left intact and the wafer skinny clear layer lining the kernel is eliminated with a assist of a spoon or knife. Every mango piece is then fastidiously cleaned with a gentle fabric and laid out to be dried on a fabric for an hour or two earlier than starting the pickling course of. If any of the items would not have the kernel or inexperienced pores and skin, they’re discarded. Following the pre-pickling steps meticulously is extraordinarily essential to realize good outcomes and a pickle that can final a complete yr.

green mango piecesavakai ingredients

Mangoes minimize into items ~ substances for mango pickle

The opposite necessary parts of mango pickle recipe is the usage of freshly floor mustard powder, pink chilli powder used for making pickles, crystal salt (powdered) and chilly pressed gingelly oil (unrefined sesame oil that’s golden in coloration additionally known as pappu nune/nuvvu nune) in telugu). Normally Bandar mirapakaayalu (a wide range of pink chilis), Ballari (or Bellary) or Kashmiri pink chilis are used to make mango pickle. The pink chilis are solar dried and floor to a tremendous powder. Now a days, good high quality pink chili powder used for pickles is accessible in most tremendous markets. I’d advocate utilizing ‘Three Mangoes’ model of pink chili powder if utilizing retailer purchased chili powder.

Black mustard seeds are solar dried and freshly floor on the day of pickling in order that the pickle retains the contemporary taste of mustard. You should use retailer purchased mustard powder (used for pickles). Use of uncooked gingelly oil is crucial to realize the genuine, actual taste of avakai and the aroma of mango pickle will depend on the kind of oil used to make it. Please don’t compromise on the usage of gingelly oil. Second finest oil could be groundnut oil.

avakaya spice powdersavakai spice powders

Avakai spice powder combination – garlic and methi seeds added to the spice combination

We make massive amount of avakai at residence however for the advantage of my readers, I’m sharing the recipe to make a small batch utilizing 3 medium sized mangoes. It’s not straightforward to write down the recipe of avakai however I’ll make a humble try that will help you perceive the pickling course of. One of the best methodology is weighing the principle substances. Crimson chili powder, mustard powder and salt must be equal in weight, i.e 100 gms pink chili powder+100 gms mustard powder+100 gms salt. The thumb rule is no matter measure you utilize for measuring your mango items, the identical measure of the combination of spice powders (pink chili powder, mustard powder and salt) must be used. In different phrases, in case you use 1 cup of mango items, it’s good to combine it in 1 cup of spice combination.

For inexperienced persons or these new to creating avakai, I’d recommend you are taking a bowl and add 1 cup pink chili powder, 1 cup mustard powder and rather less than 3/4 cup powdered crystal salt and blend it. Add this combination to a large bowl such that it’s stuffed to the brim. This broad bowl shall be your measuring bowl in your mango items too. For the above portions of spice combination and mangoes, you’ll need 1 1/4 cups oil, 1 1/2 tsps methi seeds and 1/3 cup garlic cloves.

The colour of the pickle will depend upon the kind of chili powder and mustard powder used. In the event you use Kashmiri or Bandar chili powder, you’ll get a beautiful shiny orange pink shade. In our residence, we add methi seeds and garlic cloves to the fundamental avakai recipe. Love the flavour of marinated garlic within the pickle. You should use black chick peas rather than garlic.

how to make mango pickleavakaya

Avakai spice combination, gingelly oil and mango items combined and added to pickle jar

As soon as the pickle is ready and saved in a jar, it’s good to place the lid, tie a fabric over the lid and don’t open the jar for no less than 3 days.

how to make avakaihow to make avakaya

avakai on 4th day earlier than and after including oil

On the fourth or fifth day, take away the mango pickle into a large vessel. Combine properly with an extended ladle that’s clear and dry (solar dry the ladle for a couple of minutes). Add extra oil such that it virtually covers the pickle because it helps protect the pickle. Since we make massive portions, we take away the pickle from the jar and blend. In case you are making small amount, you needn’t take away the pickle from the jar. Combine the contents within the jar with an extended ladle and pour oil on high and place lid.

I’ve earlier blogged Dosavakaya (yellow cucumber pickle) and necessary tips to follow for making pickle. These suggestions shall be helpful for inexperienced persons.

mango pickle recipe

Mango pickle – andhra avakaya

As I write right this moment’s publish, I can not assist however reminisce my childhood days when my grandmother would lovingly feed us ‘annam muddalu’ (rice balls consisting of steamed rice, mudda pappu, ghee and kotha avakai oota). Its pure, comforting, divine meals. The custom of constructing avakai is adopted in our residence religiously and am proud that we’re preserving our culinary heritage. Annadata Sukhbava!

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