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Pala Munjalu ~ Conventional Indian sweets for Diwali

pala munjalu

Pala Munjalu ~ Andhra Conventional Vantalu

It’s Diwali and time for indulgence, festive meals and enjoyable. Don’t all of us have a particular place in our hearts for all of the tradtional dishes that our grandmothers lovingly made for us? 🙂 It was fascinating to look at my ammamma (maternal grandmother) cook dinner Andhra vantalu (cooking) with easy ease particularly these recipes that required experience and I relished Boorelu ready by her. I’ve a smooth spot for Boorelu (additionally known as as Poornalu), a culinary gem from Andhra. An in depth cousin to this basic candy dumpling is Pala Munjalu. Related in seems to be to Boorelu, it differs by way of taste and texture of the outer overlaying.

Pala Munjalu is a deep fried candy which has the identical poornam (filling) that goes into Boorelu, a sweetened bengal gram combination that’s flavored with cardamom powder. As a substitute of coating the poornam in a batter made with black gram dal and rice for Boorelu, we enclose it in a rice flour dough that has been cooked in milk. A fully smooth and soften within the mouth candy recipe that you would be able to serve your loved ones as a part of your Diwali competition meals unfold.

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Find out how to make Pala Munjalu


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