What’s Your Most Embarrassing Sizzling Sauce Expertise?


In the event you’re a sizzling sauce fan, odds are you’ve got skilled an sudden dose of sizzling sauce or surprisingly spicy meals that was only a bit (or rather a lot) hotter than you anticipated.

For me, this usually results in an embarrassing spherical of uncontrollable hiccups that solely cross when my physique forgets that I simply tried to gentle it on hearth. However there are additionally these instances when that dose of spice results in sweats, operating noses, and much worse.

Reddit customers from r/hotsauce and r/spicy share some tales about their most embarrassing reactions to excessive sizzling spice:

Kentucky Fried

First time I might tried Blair’s Sudden Loss of life sauce, I used to be having dinner with my mother and father. We would gotten some KFC and I might determined to dump some sauce on my hen (wasn’t uncommon for me to try this, however I hadn’t had something fairly as spicy because it but). Ate my first piece fairly shortly and began having an enormous hiccup match that lasted ten minutes straight. It was solely after my mother noticed the bottle that she clued in to what triggered it.

– Sage24601

Get Again on That Horse

So I am in certainly one of my favourite shops on this planet (a retailer devoted solely to superb condiments in Fredricksburg Tx). I am with my household, specifically, I am with my bro-in-law and my little brother. As typically is the case we wander into the new sauce part. My little brother dares me to attempt a sauce and he’ll attempt one hotter. I’m no stranger to fairly sizzling sauces so I attempt the Black Mamba (Scoville Warmth Models (SHU): 800,000 – 1,000,000). I’ve had actually sizzling sauces and I deal with myself as if it weren’t as sizzling because it was. I wander over to the jams and cheeses and am again to regular in minutes. My little brother, in flip, tries a to greatest me by attempting a Trinidad scorpion sauce (about 2,000,000 SHU), he instantly runs for water and to all the different free samples to chill his burning mouth however does alright in my ebook.

My brother in legislation, ever the anxious to upstage anybody in relation to meals challenges reaches for the Mad Dog 357 (about 3,000,000 Scoville items) and takes it down. At first, he says out loud, “It isn’t that unhealthy.” Then his face turns beat purple and you’ll nearly see the smoke explode out of his ears. He runs to the lavatory and instantly throws up whereas concurrently attempting to get some water from the sink. Now the sauce is in his mouth throat and nostril, he’s pouring tears and different bodily fluids from his face. My sister has to enter the boys’s rest room and escort him out of the lavatory. He then buys a jar of honey butter and proceeds to eat the complete jar. He recovers about half-hour later. Utterly embarrassed.

Finish of the story, he went again to the shop later and purchased the sauce that beat him. I came upon afterward he actually did like sizzling sauce and he had by no means had any sauce that he could not deal with like that. We’re buddies and proceed to attempt to make sizzling sauce collectively at present.

– stuplatt 

Within the Eye of the Beholder

At a buddies home and this guys brother exhibits off his mad canine 357. By no means had it earlier than so he is like “nah it is actually sizzling, dude.” To not be a bitch I put an enormous dab on my finger and slurped that shit up. Eyes vast in horror they watched my response to it, which wasn’t actually a lot save for a bit of brow sweat and eyes watering up. I wipe my eye, and horror crept in as I notice it was the dab finger. Now THAT was a response that made them hoot. I wasn’t the identical for the following thirty minutes.

– Agonzy

Wings of Loss of life

Whereas I used to be in college there was a wing place that did a particular for college kids on sure days of the week. We used to go rather a lot and so I discovered a favourite sauce that I’d at all times get. After coming back from summer season break we picked proper again up going as soon as every week, and about midway via these wings I notice that I’ve misplaced all spicy tolerance in my time away from these scrumptious wings, inflicting me to soften down I am speaking runny nostril, sweating, purple face, and slowly dropping the power to talk. It was horrible although all of my buddies thought it was fairly humorous. Ultimately a passing waitress noticed my misery and mentioned “oh honey I will go get you some milk”

–  benendetto

Group Challenge Gone Incorrect

First time I ate dave’s insanity sauce in like 1998 I did not learn about extract and pepper wasn’t one of many high components so I poured an enormous blob on a chip. I used to be at a classmate’s home for a bunch venture and drank a half gallon of milk, puked it up, had diarrhea and realized a worthwhile lesson.

– sprawlaholic

“Fireplace within the Gap”

Principally simply hiccups and blowing the nostril. Later that day is after I really feel the fireplace within the gap.

– sglville  

Too A lot Mad Canine 357

My subsequent door neighbor took a full teaspoon of Mad Dog 357 for some cash. Inside about 10 minutes he was puking. About 10 minutes after that he had taken most of his garments off and was screaming in ache holding his abdomen. He was additionally crying. his brother referred to as 911 and the paramedics got here and kinda laughed. He began to really feel higher after about 50 minutes. Well worth the 40 bucks. Felt type of unhealthy although. Additionally this man is 33 years previous lol.

Sadly not a lot was filmed i’ve 1 or 2 10 second clips saved in my snap chat recollections. I ended filming when it went from laughing at him puking to him in tears screaming in ache. Positively ought to have filmed that complete state of affairs although.

Dave’s and Cheetos?

 Not myself, however certainly one of my classmates determined that as a substitute of a spoonful of daves ghost pepper sauce, he was going to splash it throughout his cheetos and gobble these fuckers down. he depleted a few quarter of the bottle.

about quarter-hour later he was curled up within the fetal place within the hallway begging somebody to get him some milk.

– tunersharkbitten

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