Behind the French Menu: Eating in Normandy.


Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman


Normandy in France.
Map courtesy of OnTheWorldM

Having fun with French delicacies on its residence floor is a
vital purpose for visiting France; one more reason is to see locations of
distinctive curiosity or nice artwork and structure that can not be discovered elsewhere.
Normandy can fulfill each pursuits and plenty of others.

Aside from nice meals, castles, artwork, and
structure, Normandy is blessed with 640 km (398 miles) of shoreline,
offering great sandy seashores. There are additionally many inland rivers, canals,
and lakes, together with the River Seine that flows via Paris and into the
Atlantic close to Honfleur in Normandy.

Normandy additionally has an excessive amount of European
historical past, most significantly connecting Normandy to the English throne. In 1066
Guillaume, a Norman-French Duke, William in English, a descendant of a Viking
King, conquered England. William was topped King of England and is a direct
relative to the current Queen Elizabeth II. William, higher referred to as William the
conqueror, was topped in Westminster Abbey like all his descendants via to the reigning queen. William the conqueror’s granting land to his Norman Barons had
a major impact on the English kitchen, with many French meals names turning into half
of the English language. Beneath are only a few examples:

French – English

Bacon – Bacon
Bœuf – Beef
Jambon – Ham
Mouton – Mutton
Porc – Pork
Poulet – Pullet or hen
Saucisse- Sausage

Paperwork, largely
in Latin, known as the Vikings Nortmanni, which implies “males of the
North”. Nor-man-di means the Northman’s land and in order that a part of France turned Normandie, in English Normandy.

Conventional dishes on the menu in Normandy:

de Normandie AOP
  – This conventional Norman apéritif is a lightweight 16 -18% alcohol made
with apple juice and a younger Calvados, apple brandy. Pommeaus are drunk chilly
and made in a lot the identical means as 
de Charente 
 in Cognac
Floc de Gascogne in 

L’Andouillette  d’Alençon Grillée à
la Crème de 
Camembert – Andouillette
Alençon sausages
and served with a cream of 
Andouillettes are largely made with the intestines and tripe of pigs however the
Alençon Andouillette Alençon comes from calves’ intestines and tripe. The
sausage casing used is fully pure, so the ultimate sausage has no fastened
diameter. Together with all of the tubing comes salt, pepper, spices, and a powerful
odor. Andouillettes are on many menus, however guests ought to know that they’re
an acquired style.

An andouillette served in a Camembert sauce.
courtesy of Kent Wang

Gigot de Pré-salé du Mont-Saint-Michel Rôti
Romarin – Roasted leg
of lamb
 with rosemary from the lambs
raised on the salt meadows
 near the island of Mont-Saint-Michel on the Atlantic
coast and the border between Normandy and Brittany. These lambs are raised on
the salt meadows; some are salt marshes on France’s Atlantic coast. Pré-salé
lambs go to market when they’re 5 – 9 months outdated, and earlier than then, they’ll
have been raised by their moms for at the least 60-90 days, and when weaned,
they’ll spend at the least one other 75 days grazing within the salt meadows on
France’s Atlantic shores. The ocean air and the ocean salt taste the grasses on
which the lambs feed; that creates a uniquely tasting lamb with out even the
slightest hint of salt. Do not forget that the French desire their lamb pink, rosé
and in contrast to 
steaks, you’ll not often be requested
how you want your lamb. So advise your waiter in case you desire your lamb properly completed.

The  Pré-salé lambs close to
courtesy of Côte à l’Os

 au Camembert
de Normandie au Lait Cru
 – A
pork filet mignon
with Normandy’s well-known cheese, the 
de Normandie
is made with unpasteurized cow’s milk. This menu providing is an ideal instance
of what a Filet Mignon actually means. Whereas within the USA, a Filet Mignon signifies
a thick reduce from a beef filet, the tenderloin, In France, a beef filet mignon
is the skinny finish a part of the tenderloin. Nevertheless, on a French menu, when beef is
not famous, Filet Mignon is complete pork tenderloin, the pork filet as it’s on
this menu itemizing. The Camembert can have been ready and melted with 
the slices of the pork filet mignon will probably be served on high of the melted

de Veau
à la Normande
A Label Rouge IGP 
Some variations might use 
Calvados, Normandy’s well-known apple
brandy, as a substitute of Cider. France produces a few of the nation’s greatest veal, and
that is its signature dish made with the perfect veal that Normandy gives. It is
not stunning that Normandy has glorious veal. With a lot milk, butter, and
cream coming from Normandy’s cows, there’s a surfeit of younger males who will
not develop as much as present milk.  

     Crème fraiche has a creamy texture, and
whereas it isn’t like bitter cream or yogurt, neither is it a candy cream. Crème fraîche
is a pasteurized and naturally thickened cow’s milk, with most choices having
30% or extra fats. The distinctive style of crème fraiche comes from the added milk
micro organism. There isn’t a English translation for crème fraîche; it’s a uniquely
French creation, so crème fraiche it stays in English. Button mushrooms have been
the primary mushrooms to be efficiently farmed in any amount, and that
occurred in Paris; therefore the French identify: 
de Paris.
  (A veal escalope is lean veal that has been to
flattened each to extend the floor dimension and to tenderize the meat).

A veal escalope
courtesy of Images Alight

Marmite Dieppoise – Marmite within the method of
the port and fishing heart of Dieppe on the Atlantic coast of Normandy. The
marmite is a standard identify for
saltwater and seafood soups and stews and has nothing to do with the much-loved
British vegetarian paste known as Marmite. The Marmite Dieppoise is a stew, and
since it is a saltwater fish stew and Dieppe can be an open sea fishing
port, the fish accessible might change day by day. The fish might embrace 
turbotsolemackerel, and red
with the seafood together with a few of Normandy’s plentiful shrimps and 
mussels.  Important to the
taste is Norman cider, with greens, 
onionsceleryleeksparsley, thymechervilbay
garlic.  Petit marmites are
smaller cooking pots and are sometimes used for serving the soups or stews they

Marmite Dieppoise
Photograph courtesy of Marie Claire

Poulet de la Vallée d’Auge – Chicken within the method of the Auge
Valley is one among Normandy’s hottest hen dishes and consists of
contemporary cream, 
 and Calvados. Whereas not famous on this menu
itemizing Normany has its personal Label Rouge, purple label, chickens the Poulet Fermier
Normand, IGP, which is farmed within the Vallée d’Auge. The entire of the Vallée
d’Auge is famed for its agriculture, its dairy produce, and it is also the house
of Camembert cheese in addition to its apples, and naturally, its Cidre de Pays
d’Auge AOP and Calvados. The Vallée d’Auge consists of a lot of the departments of
Calvados and Orne and a nook of the division of Eure. 

la Normande
 – Mussels
and French fries
the Norman method. The broth for this dish will embrace 
apples and 

Moules Frites à la Normande
courtesy of Yummy foods by Nancy.

Normand – 
customized of the Trou Normand
Calvados provided throughout the meal.
Calvados is often served as a digestif changing 
Cognac or Armagnac. Nevertheless, the Trou Normand is
taken as a shot of Calvados, notably following seafood dishes, to stop
indigestion. The True Normand is now seen on menus when served as a
sorbet; the sorbet model is meant
to awaken the digestive juices.

Sole à la Normande – Filets of lemon
the style of Normandy, with 
shrimps (the common prawn)
contemporary cream, white wine, 
shallots, and dill; a couple of regionally farmed mussels could also be added. You could be
shocked to see wine on this Norman dish, and whereas Normandy will not be well-known for
its wine, there are some glorious white Norman wines, and I’ve seen an area
pinot noir purple on a wine listing.  

     Fish and seafood will overflow from the
tables in Normandy with 
usually on the menu as Sole Français, 
sea bass,
 mackerel, sea
and extra. On native menus, the shellfish embrace the 
langouste, the clawless spiny lobster
or rock lobster, the proprietor of the lobster tail, 
shrimp, king
homard, the European two-clawed
lobster, and extra. Native sea farms produce 
oysters and mussels, and freshwater farms
trout. Normandy incorporates an unlimited
community of streams, ponds, canals, lakes, and marshlands which are residence to 
or pike-perch
,  European
and rather more.

la Normande 
–  Black
the style of Normandy served with Normandy’s apples. French boudins noir are
often smaller than the black pudding sausages within the UK, with essentially the most
well-liked simply massive sufficient for a person serving. In France, a boudin noir
will usually be served with quite a lot of apple preparations that are the
conventional French accompaniment. In the event you like black puddings, then go to the
city of Mortagne-au-Perche, in Normandy. You’ll start to understand that the
boudin noir will not be a sausage for the French, British, and the Irish alone; this
is a sausage of significance to all humanity. Within the spring, often on the third
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in March, sausage lovers come to the
Mortagne-au-Perche sausage honest from all around the world. The honest is for
the competitors is barely open to those that produce the black pudding sausages.
Information Office for Mortagne-au-Perche
 will provide data on
the next 12 months’s honest a couple of months earlier than.

Boudin Noir à la Normande
courtesy of La Radio du Goût

A Norman apple tart with a Pâte Sablée, a candy crust pastry Pâte Sablée has
the identical elements as pâte sucrée, however the butter is creamed with the sugar
and the eggs earlier than the flour is folded in. This technique mixes the butter extra
evenly, making the dough much less puffy and making a much less crumbly texture.
Normandy has tens of various apples for its ciders. Each totally different cider and
each Calvados has its favourite mixture of apples. A kind of apples might
on this apple tart, however 
Granny Smith apple
one among France’s favorites the place apple tarts or pies are involved.

Tarte Normande
courtesy of Merle ja Joonas

Cheese from Normandy

Whereas France’s most well-known cheese
is Camembert, solely a tiny a part of the Camembert produced in Normandy may be
labeled Camembert de Normandie AOP. Nevertheless, most regionally produced Camemberts
are higher than the copies made in different international locations. Additionally from Normandy comes
three different well-known AOP cheeses,  
Pont-l’Évêque AOP, and 
These cheeses and plenty of others come from milk supplied by the descendants of the
cows that William’s Viking ancestors introduced with them. 

Livarot cheese
Photograph courtesy of Debbi

Butter and Crème Fraîche In Normandy

One among France’s high three butters
comes from Normandy, the 
d’Isigny AOP
Additionally France’s solely Crème Fraîche with an AOP additionally comes from Normandy,
Fraîche d’Isigny AOP
Even with out an AOP, butter, cream, or Crème Fraîche from Normandy at all times
carries a premium. The customers know that the Norman cows, the descendants of
these introduced by the unique Viking settlers, and the fabulous grasses produce
lots of the greatest milk merchandise in France. With Norman milk so extremely rated,
it isn’t stunning that 15% of the milk bears the AB signal for
Agriculture-Biologique, Natural Farming.


d’Isigny AOP
courtesy of Carrefour

Cider and Perry

Cidre de Pays d’Auge – One among France’s two apple
ciders that maintain an AOP. In Normandy and Brittany, the native glowing ciders
are served in bottles just like these used for champagne. Whereas Normandy does
have a small variety of vineyards glowing cider usually replaces 
ChampagneCrémant, or one other glowing wine at
celebrations. Drive via the Norman Route du Cidre, their cider highway, a
drive of roughly 40 km (25 miles); that can take you thru many
lovely villages, with loads of eating places alongside the best way.  
Cambremer within the division of
Calvados is the biggest village on the route and has a 
des AOP de Normandie
on the finish of April and starting of Could. The fete celebrates all of Normandy’s
ciders, Calvados, and Pommeau and its great butter, cheeses, and crème

Cidre de Poiré and Poiré Domfront
Pear ciders or perries. The most effective of those is the Poiré Domfront AOP that comes
from the world across the small and enticing city of Domfront, within the
division of Orne could be very near Brittany. Domfront is within the western half
of the 
Naturel Normandie-Maine
, the Normandie-Maine Regional Nature Park.  


de Pays d’Auge
courtesy of Pierre Huit


Calvados AOP Essentially the most well-known apple
brandy on this planet, and it comes from Normandy in three varieties.


Calvados AOP – Holds 70% of the market and
comes from apples grown throughout Normandy.

Calvados Pays d’Auge AOP – That is made within the outdated
Normandy area of Pays d’Auge that features elements of the departments of
Calvados, Orne, and Eure. Calvados Pays d’Auge is the one Calvados that should
be double-distilled.

Calvados Domfrontais AOP – This ss the third Calvados and
is the final one to be awarded an AOP. This Calvados has a singular and
distinctive style being an apple brandy made with at the least 30% pear cider, a
perry. The pear eau-de-vie offers a really totally different style. Calvados
Domfrontais is especially produced in Orne, Manche, and Mayenne. Even the youngest
Domfrontais is aged for at least three years in oak barrels.  

Pays d’Auge AOP
courtesy of Famille Dupont

age on the bottle signifies the age when the apples have been picked. The brandy
wouldn’t have been within the barrel for rather more than twenty years on the most,
often much less. After maturing within the barrel the Calvados will probably be bottled and
like Cognac and Armagnac doesn’t mature within the bottle

The ages of Calvados on the labels.

Nice – Nice Calvados, Trois
Étoiles – Three Stars ***, and Trois Pommes, the images of three apples
 – These point out the
youngest Calvados in a mix. They are going to have been matured for at the least two
years in oak barrels. 

Vieux, Previous, or Réserve, Reserved – These names on the label
point out brandies which were barrel-aged for at the least three years.

 V.O. Very Previous,
Vieille Réserve, Previous Réserve, V.S.O.P. Very Superior Previous Pale –
brandies can have been barrel aged for at the least 4 years.

Additional, Napoléon, XO, Additional Previous,
Hors d’Age, To outdated to find out or Age Inconnu, Age unknown
 – These Calvadoses are at
least six years outdated however are sometimes offered with descriptions that point out they’re
older. There isn’t a official commonplace for Calvados over six years outdated. Markings
that recommend they’re 20 years outdated and so on. haven’t any authorized that means. The producer’s
curiosity in defending their repute is taken into account sufficient of a assure. 

4 of the numerous many locations to go to in Normandy.

Monet’s Backyard in Giverny – Giverny is known for the house
and backyard of Monet, the painter. Claude Monet was one of many founders of the
impressionist motion. Monet was born in Normandy within the city of Le Havre on
the Atlantic coast within the division of Seine-Maritime. Giverny is simply 50
minutes from Paris, however for the customer, it’s a world away; it’s in
Normandie, within the division of Eure.

A path in Monet’s backyard
Photograph courtesy of Tom

The Bayeux Tapestry – Preserved and displayed
within the 
museum in the town of Bayeux, a medieval city within the
division of Calvados, The tapestry, actually an embroidery 70 meters (230′)
lengthy, represents figures and footage exhibiting William the Conqueror’s conquest
of England .’The Bayeux Tapestry was most likely commissioned within the 1070s by
Bishop Odo of Bayeux, half-brother of William the Conqueror. 

Yearly, on the primary weekend
in July, the Bayeux Medieval Pageant is a landmark occasion within the city. Bayeux
was miraculously spared by bombing in June 1944. It was the primary metropolis in
mainland France to be liberated and residential to the biggest British conflict cemetery
from WWII in Normandy.

Palais Bénédictine, the Benedictine Palace
 – Le Palais Bénédictine will not be
the house of royalty, it’s the manufacturing facility that produces the Bénédictine D.O.M.
liqueur, a candy, orange, and honey flavored, 40% proof liqueur. It’s named
after the Bénédictine monks who purportedly created it. This liqueur is barely
made within the fairly Atlantic coastal city of Fecamp within the division of
Seine-Maritime in Normandy, France. That palace appears to be like extra like a freaked-out
French model of Hogwarts Faculty of Witchcraft and Wizardry than a palace.
However, right here Bénédictine D.O.M is made and it makes an attention-grabbing place to go to.

Rouen and its Cathédrale Notre-Dame  – Rouen, the Norman-French metropolis,
dates again to the Gauls. Rouen is about on the River Seine and is the capital of
Normandy. Rouen would change into essential to the Romans as an inland port from the
Atlantic connecting to Paris, initially a village known as Lutetia
.  After
the Romans got here the Vikings, and it was that group of Vikings who metamorphosed
into the Norman-French over tons of of years. Ever since Rouen turned the
Norman French capital within the eleventh Century, Rouen has at all times been the
Prefecture, the regional capital.

The inhabitants of Rouen name themselves Rouennais,
and your menu will provide dishes á la Rouennais; within the method of Rouen. Dishes
á la Rouennais aren’t a unified cooking fashion however quite the native model of
a selected dish; Rouen is the capital of Normandie, so it’s Norman delicacies
that almost all eating places will probably be serving. Through the 100 years of conflict between
England and France, Rouen was claimed for England by King Henry V, and later it
was right here that Joan of Arc was burned on the stake in 1431. Rouen as soon as once more
turned a part of France in 1449 when the English have been expelled.

Rouen is known for its Gothic Cathedral; the principle construction
was constructed within the thirteenth century, however the constructing was not accomplished till the
18th century. It’s thought-about one among France’s most vital examples of
Gothic structure. Now wholly reconstructed from WWII’s harm and famend
for Claude Monet’s impressionist work of the cathedral. Monet, over two
years from 1892, revamped 30 work that present the cathedral on the very
time of day and in each season. After I visited Rouen, there was solely one among
these work on present within the Metropolis’s museum, although there have been at the least a
variety of reproductions of the others.

Rouen is not only a Cathedral and a spot to take pleasure in
Norman delicacies. Rouen is the cultural heart of Haute Normandie and had its personal
opera home within the 18th century; that opera home was destroyed in WWII, and a
new Théâtre des Arts opened in 1962, the everlasting residence of L’Opéra de Rouen,
Haute Normandie. 

Rouen can be an industrial metropolis with a really energetic
inland seaport set on the River Seine; it’s set practically halfway between Paris
and the ocean. The port is named Rotomagus, the identify the Romans gave to the

A Well-known Recipe that will not be in your menu at this time.

Canard de Rouen – The Rouen duckling will probably be
a part of many menus although its most well-known recipe Canard à la Pressé or Canard à
la Rouennaise is simply too costly to be on many trendy menus. The Canard de Rouen
is a farm-raised cross with the mallard duck that, along with the recipe,
originated within the capital of Normandy, town of Rouen. To learn extra about
Canard à la Pressé 

A well-known cooks from Normandy’s historical past

Guillaume Tirel, greatest referred to as
Taillevent (1310-1395)
 – The primary cook dinner to be formally appointed Chef to a King
of France.  Taillevent served the French King Charles V
and later his son King Charles VI. Taillevent was born within the city of
Pont-Audemer, now a part of the division of Eure in Normandy. He’s accepted as
the creator of the primary revealed French cookbook, Le Viander. The e-book was
revealed about 100 years after his demise in numerous variations, and a few of the
contributions are disputed. Once in a while, reprints, together with English
translations, are nonetheless being printed; the final English reprint I noticed was
revealed in 2002. A duplicate of the unique e-book may be downloaded freed from
cost by way of 


Trying to find the that means of phrases, names or phrases
a French menu?

Simply add the phrase, phrases, or phrase that you’re trying to find to
the phrases “Behind the French Menu” (greatest when together with the inverted
commas), and search with Google.  Behind the French Menu’s hyperlinks, embrace
tons of of phrases, names, and phrases which are seen on French menus. There are practically
500 articles that embrace over 4,000 French dishes with English translations
and explanations.


Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman

Copyright 2010, 2022



de Pré- Salé -The unique lambs raised on the salt meadows along France’s
Atlantic coast. Ordering Lamb in France.
– Garlic. Garlic in French Cuisine.
– Dill. The spice with a very light aniseed flavor and a favorite in the French
Anguille d’Europe – the European Freshwater Eel in French Cuisine.
The Sausages of France I.
one of France’s two fabulous AOP grape brandies.
or Loup – European Sea Bass. Bar on French Menus. European Sea Bass in French
– Butter. Butter in French Cuisine.
– A Sausage. The Boudin Blanc and the Boudin Noir; Pork Sausages and Black
Puddings. The Sausages of France II.
– Pike, the Fish. Pike in French Cuisine
– The Most Famous Apple Brandy in the World. Calvados on French Menus.
Cheese; France’s most Famous Cow’s Milk Cheese.
– Duck. Duck on French Menus.
– Celery. The Joys of Celery in French Cuisine.
– Chervil, the Herb, in French Cuisine.
the Most Famous Sparkling Wine in the World. Reading the Label and Choosing
Your Sweetness Preferences.


on French Menus. The Champignon de Paris, the Button Mushroom in French
Cuisine. The Mushrooms of France I.
– Cider in France. France’s Fabulous Ciders, Sparkling Ciders and Basque Cider.
the Town, and Visiting Cognac and Tasting the Product. Cognac IV.
Saint-Jacques and the Vanneaux or Pétoncle. The King Scallop and the Queen
Scallop in French Cuisine.
Are the Best Value in French Sparkling Wines
Fraîche – Creme Fraiche. What is Crème Fraîche? Crème Fraîche on French Menus.
and Gambas – Shrimps and Prawns. Shrimps in French Cuisine.
D.O.M., the Liqueur, and its Amazing Factory Benedictine in Fecamp, Normandy.
de Veau or Paillard de Veau. Veal in France II – A Veal Cutlet, Escalope,
Escallop or Scallop.
– Shallots. Shallots on French Menus. Shallots are One of the Most Important
Herbs in the French Kitchen
de Laurier – The Bay Leaf, the Laurel Leaf and the Bay Leaf in French Cuisine.
Mignon on French Menus and Filet de Bœuf in French Cuisine.


Gibelotte, Gigolette, Gigotin and Gigue on French Menus and in French Cuisine.
– Lobster. The Two-Clawed European Lobster. Lobster in French Cuisine.
Oysters in France 1. Ordering, Eating, and Enjoying Oysters. Huitres on French
AOC/AOP – Livarot Cheese. Livarot is One of France’s Tastiest
“Aromatic” Cheeses. Livarot in French French Cuisine.
Lobster Tails and the Tails’ Owner, the Rock Lobster, Spiny Lobster or
Crawfish. Langouste on French menus.
– Marmite on French menus. In France, a Marmite is Usually, but not Always, a
French Fish Soup or Stew.
– Mackerel. Mackerel in French Cuisine.
– Mussels. Moules Frites and Much More. Mussels on French Menus.
(Neufchatel) Fromage AOP. The Coeur de Neufchâtel, the heart-shaped Neufchâtel
or Ognon – An Onion. Onions on French menus. France’s most famous onions and
their history.
a Steak in France, Cooked the Way you Like it.
or Pagre, the fish. Sea Bream on French Menus.
Perche Commune. Perch: Fresh Water Perch. Freshwater Perch in French Cuisine.
– Parsley. Parsley in French Cuisine
des Charentes; the Aperitif of France’s Cognac Region. Cognac III.
– Leeks. The Leek in French Cuisine.
Granny Smith – Granny Smith apples. Granny Smith Apples on French Menus.
Poularde, Poule, Pousin – Chicken. Chicken in French Cuisine.


– Rosemary. Rosemary the Herb in French cuisine.
Barbet and Rougets de Roche, Red Mullet and Striped Red Mullet, the Fish on
French Menus.
– Zander in the USA and Pike Perch in the UK. Sandre in French Cuisine.
an Important Part of French Cuisine.. A Short Introduction to France’s World of
Sausages. The Sausages of France III.
Française – Dover Sole in French Cuisine.
Limande – Lemon Sole on French Menus .
– Sorbet. Sorbets on French Menus.
French Connection and The English Kitchen .
in France. Thym, Serpolet, Farigoule and Thym Citron, Lemon Thyme in France.
– Trout, the Fish. Trout in French Cuisine.


– Turbot. Turbot, the fish on French Menus.








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