Porc Noir de Bigorre, AOP – An Historic Breed of Pig That Supplies the Most Extremely Rated Cured Ham in France. The Porc Noir de Bigorre in French Delicacies.


Behind the French Menu
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The Porc Noir de Bigorre, AOP.
Pork is the most well-liked meat in France
although eating places desire to focus on dearer cuts of beef and lamb.
However, there might be jambon cru, cured hams,
and different expensive cuts from among the most well-known porcine breeds in France on
most menus, together with farmed and actual 
 and top-level cured ham imports. In
the French lineup of well-known porkers, one pig is much forward of all others in
high quality and style, and that’s the Porc Noir de Bigorre 
AOP, the Black Pig of Bigorre. This historical
breed of pigs has been raised for not less than 1,000 years across the outdated French
Province of Bigorre, now included within the fashionable departments of Hautes-Pyrénées,
Gers, and Haute-Garonne. (Since 1-1-2016 these departments have been a part of
the brand new 
super-region of Occitanie).


Porc Noir De Bigorre is free-range for 70% of the yr.
Taste in pork comes from fats and the Porc Noir de
Bigorre could be very flavorsome, coming because it does from a 55% fats to meat ratio. Nevertheless,
that was an excessive amount of fats for a lot of farmers after WWII when the farmers wanted
cheap fast-growing breeds with extra meat per kilo, and so by the Eighties, the
tasty Porc Noir was practically extinct. However, there have been at all times a couple of farmers
who saved elevating these pigs as a pastime whereas ready for an informed public who would
pay further for the standard and style of the Porc Noir de Bigorre. 
By 1992 there have been sufficient producers who
had agreed breeding and high quality requirements to start providing the broader public a
uniquely tasting saucisson, a salami
kind sausage, and jambon sec, dry-cured
ham, with a wonderful style, together with different cuts. The general public responded, and in
quick order, the farmers could not sustain with the demand. The Porc Noir,
nevertheless, is a slow-growing pig, and its dry-cured ham is aged for not less than 18
months with its best possible choices aged for 24. Lengthy growing older takes up a
lot of high-priced climate-controlled storage, they usually cannot compete with
in style cured hams which are solely aged for seven to 12 months. Altogether,
that makes for an costly product, however on the finish, the proof of the pudding
is within the consuming, and the Jambon de Porc Noir de Bigorre melts in your tongue.
In 2017 the Porc Noir de Bigorre acquired its AOC, and a Pan-European
AOP intently adopted that. (The Porc Noir de Bigorre AOP can also be one of many few
hams supported by the Sluggish Meals Motion).  

of cured ham from the Porc Noir De Bigorre AOP.
The Porc Noir de Bigorre of French menus :
Carré de Porc Noir de Bigorre, Flan de Haricots Tarbais et
Jus Corsé
– A pork chop from the Porc Noir
de Bigorre accompanied with a savory tart constituted of the Label Rouge
Tarbaise dried bean and
served with a
Jus Corsé, a sauce constituted of the pure
cooking juices. The dried white Haricot Tarbais bean was the primary dried bean
to be awarded the French Label Rouge, the purple label, for its distinctive and
constant high quality. 
A Porc Noir de Bigorre sow may even have fats piglets.
Gambas et Poitrine De Porc Noir De
Bigorre Caramélisées Et Poivrées
– Caramelized large shrimps with pepper accented pork stomach
from the Porc Noir De Bigorre.
Porc Noir Burger: Ache Burger, Sauce Fumée, Oignons Confits,
Ventrèche De Porc Noir De Bigorre
– A
Porc Noir Burger served with a burger roll, accompanied by a smoke-flavored
sauce, onions
confit (slowly cooked and supplied as a
candy jam with their style made to distinction with the meat) and pork stomach from
the Porc Noir De Bigorre  
retailer of Porc Noir hams.
Jambon de Porc Noir de Bigorre et Langoustine
Croustillante de Kadaïf, Assaisonnés D’une Huile de Noisette du Gers, Fraîcheur
Pomme Granny et
– Cured ham from the Porc Noir
de Bigorre served with crispy
Dublin Bay Prawns (the
actual scampi) wrapped within the skinny pasta strands of Kadaïf, flavored with oil
from hazelnuts from the division of Gers and slices of chilled
Granny Smith apples
flavored with
Kadaïf is a pastry with each savory and candy variations
that had been dropped at France with North African delicacies although it’s discovered all
over the Center East in addition to in Turkey, Greece, and Albania.  Kadaïf is constituted of pasta-like vermicelli in
very skinny angels’ hair strands constituted of wheat flour, corn starch, salt, and
water. Kadaïf could also be on menus as Knafeh, Knofa, and Kadaïfia.
de Charcuterie: Jambon de Porc Noire de Bigorre, Rillet des d’oie, Saucisson
Pate de Campagne – A platter of Jambon Noir de Bigorre served with
goose rillets accompanied by, a small salami kind pork sausage and a
country pate. (Goose
rillets are goose meat that has been slowly cooked in goose fats till the meat
may be made right into a paste to unfold on toast or bread).
Black Pig of Bigorre’s salami kind
The Black Pig of Bigorre stay freely for 70% of the
yr in small herds in pure settings in open forest the place they feed on wild
herbs and flowers, acorns, chestnuts, and domestically cultivated vegetable
additions. The piglets are raised freely by their moms till they’re weaned
and no antibiotics or development hormones are permitted.
Within the countryside of the outdated
province of Bigorre:
The entire space the place the pigs are raised could be very a lot into high-quality meals and the next
are just some:
The Haricot Tarbaise dried
beans, the primary dried bean to be awarded the Label Rouge, the coveted purple
label for constant high quality and style;
Cadours Ail Violet AOP, the distinctive
violet garlic from
across the city of Cadours within the division of Haute-Garonne.
The Porc Noir de Bigorre AOP won’t be on each
menu, so look out for it and don’t go it by.


Behind the French Menu
Bryan G. Newman



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