Pesarapappu Bobbatlu – Telugu Pindi Vantalu


Pesarapappu Bobbatlu ~ Andhra Pindi Vantalu (Conventional sweets)

bobbatlu recipe

Moong dal Bobbatlu

Bobbatlu, the traditional conventional competition candy of Andhra is ready in virtually all properties for festivals like Sankranti and Deepavali. This flat bread which is filled with sweetened lentil combination is in style in different elements of the nation and goes by the identify Puran poli, Holige, Obbattu, Paruppu poli, Vedhmi and Puranachi poli. A lot cherished amongst these with a candy tooth.

moong dal bobbatlustep by step bobbatlu

Moong dal, maida dough, cooked and sweetened moong dal

bobbatlu andhra festival sweetow to make bobbatlu

Step-by-step bobbatlu preparation

Normally the selection of dal for the stuffing is Bengal gram aka chana dal in our state of Andhra. For a change I’ve made pesarapappu bobbatlu which has yellow moong dal as an alternative of chana dal. Your alternative of sweetner may be jaggery although I used sugar since I ran out of jaggery. You possibly can even use tur dal instead of moong or chana dal.

pesarapappu bobbatlu

Pesarapappu bobbatlu


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