When and The right way to Use My Protein Powders, Collagen, and Rock and Restore Aminos


I simply acquired this query in Rock Your Life, and I assumed it was an incredible alternative to create a reference for you! Shoutout to the Rock Your Life members who at all times ask such nice questions!

First, a fast be aware on PROTEIN itself…

The protein you eat will get damaged down into amino acids, however totally different meals present totally different combos of amino acids and never each meals comprises all of the important amino acids. Of the 20 some amino acids, there are 9 that the physique can not make by itself and should get from dietary sources. These 9 are known as the “important amino acids.”

With out satisfactory consumption of the entire important amino acids, the physique could break down wholesome tissue like muscle tissue to acquire the amino acids wanted to carry out important capabilities like making power, enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones and its immune response function. And also you don’t need your muscle breaking down simply since you’re not consuming correctly.

Sustaining your muscle as you age is a necessary piece in remaining sturdy, cellular and wholesome.

Whereas your exercises definitely help the manufacturing of muscle, until you might be fueling them appropriately they merely won’t reply and your physique composition could development within the course of extra fats, much less muscle moderately than extra muscle, much less fats. In the event you’re inquisitive about how muscle works (and the right way to care for it), I put collectively a comprehensive article I consider essential reading for all active women right here.

In contrast to fats and carbohydrates, which the physique can retailer simply for later use within the liver and fats cells, the physique doesn’t retailer amino acids for later use – which is why it’s necessary to incorporate protein commonly all through the day in your meals.

1. Protein powders

My natural protein powders (like Vanilla Protein, Chocolate Protein and Berry Green Protein) make nice shakes and smoothies and you may bake with them. One of many issues I like to recommend avoiding in your protein powders is added sugars. Mine use natural monk fruit to naturally sweeten the powder with out including sugar to your physique.

They’re glorious sources of dietary protein (your physique treats them identical to meals the place it breaks it right down to amino acids) and might enhance your total day by day consumption of important amino acids – and within the case of the Berry Green Protein, broaden the spectrum of greens you’re accessing as properly.

As a result of we don’t take up amino acids as readily as we age, it’s best to extend your total day by day consumption when you’re over 40.

The advice for lively girls underneath 40 is roughly 20-30 grams of protein per meal. In the event you’re over 40, it’s really helpful to extend your serving to  30-40 grams per meal, according to what I’ve been advised by medical doctors who work within the train area. Hearken to this episode with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon if you happen to’re involved in extra on these suggestions.

I additionally encourage you to hearken to the 2-part podcast series with Dr. Stacy Sims during which we focus on coaching along with your cycle, post-menopause, and ladies particular diet and coaching ideas. You’ll hear us discuss lots about protein and the significance of it, all framed inside a dialog about your well being and life cycle.

Whereas getting 30 grams of protein in a meal could really feel daunting at first, I like to recommend taking a look at your total consumption for the day and seeing the way you may enhance that with the addition of a high quality complement like mine.

As an illustration, making a smoothie or a shake with a serving (or perhaps a serving and a half to 2 servings) of your protein powder can enhance your total consumption of amino acids for the day.

Vanilla Protein

Easy recipes like protein pancakes or protein waffles are additionally an effective way to get some further protein in – simply enhance the elements by including a serving of protein powder. It may be difficult to get sufficient protein in with out a little assist and that is actually one thing to concentrate to, particularly if you happen to’re lively.

A be aware on baking with protein powder: Remember the fact that protein powders, like flour substitutes, can’t be simply swapped right into a recipe with out some testing and care. The bottom of what a protein powder is created from will have an effect on your recipe. One factor you’ll discover in my meal plans and recipes right here on the weblog is that if protein powder is named for I’ve used my very own however I’ve given you the equal quantity in GRAMS, so you possibly can measure your individual protein powder the identical method.

Whereas I at all times suggest utilizing my protein powder in my recipes, that’s not at all times attainable and I need you to have choices to check. A “serving” of 1 protein powder could also be a distinct quantity than one other model’s serving, as a result of the elements could not all be as concentrated or they could produce other elements as properly (resembling greens, or different meals). That’s why I like to recommend you begin with the gram equal, after which experiment from there. I can not assure that my recipes, examined with my very own model, will work with each different protein powder on the market, even if you happen to do match the grams however this can be a good start line.

In the event you’re not utilizing my protein powders (that are natural and plant-based), please read this guide I created to help you in choosing a good protein powder for yourself.

2. Collagen peptides

Collagen comprises fairly a couple of amino acids, however 3 notably in abundance and they particularly help bone, pores and skin, and joint well being. Collagen is NOT a “protein” within the sense that it doesn’t have all of the important amino acids your physique can’t make by itself, and I don’t actually matter it in the direction of my day by day protein consumption.

Nonetheless it is a superb complement, and the rationale I take it’s for its help to my joints, pores and skin and bone well being. I do think about it a BONUS complement, so if you happen to’re on a price range, prioritize a top quality protein powder, like my Berry Green Protein,  I ❤Chocolate or I ❤ Vanilla protein powder.

Collagen used to make its method into our diets via meals like bone broths, slow-cooked organ meats, kidney pies, baked beef hearts, complete crustaceans, and whole-fish soups and stews. However if you happen to’re not commonly consuming all these meals, you is probably not getting any of this goodness into your physique.

In relation to selecting a collagen peptide, I’m choosy and hate it after they have an odor, or don’t actually combine into something. The Full Body Collagen I make is so tremendous you possibly can stir it right into a glass of water and see it absolutely dissolve – and it received’t depart a scent or style behind, making it very versatile.

3. Amino Acids – BCAA’s, EAA’s and free kind amino acids

Rock and Restore is one other one which I might name “bonus complement.” At the beginning, it comprises all of the important amino acids (EAA’s). Secondly, they’re in a “free kind” which implies they’re prepared for absorption immediately by your physique, moderately than what occurs while you eat dietary protein or a protein powder – these should be damaged down by the physique into their amino acids first earlier than absorption.

Inside Rock and Restore you’ve gotten all of the important aminos, which embrace the department chain aminos (BCAA’s).  The branch-chain amino acids are a few of the finest identified important amino acids due to their means to help muscle progress, muscle restore and restoration.

Rock and Restore comprises all 3 branch-chain amino acids, together with the optimum dose of leucine, thought-about probably the most anabolic of the BCAA’s – which means it promotes muscle protein synthesis.

I drink this throughout my exercises to assist forestall muscle protein breakdown, pace up my restoration, and as an lively girl over 40 I need to guarantee I’m getting satisfactory amino acids into my physique. Personally, I like so as to add a serving of collagen to my exercise drink as a result of it’s such a handy solution to get the collagen peptides in as properly. You should utilize this on non-workout days as properly if you happen to like, it’s a very versatile and supportive drink that can enhance your amino acid consumption.

Check out my cute shaker bottles that will keep you Betty Rocking and feeling good doing it!

I say this can be a BONUS complement since you ought to before everything be prioritizing dietary protein – first from meals, after which moreover with a high quality protein powder to extend your consumption to an appropriate vary on your age.

If you need to see and listen to me clarify this and provides a broader overview on how you should use this data and put it into observe, watch this livestream.

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  • one of the best time to train
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  • the place the 4 pillars of well being slot in
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I hope this was useful, and please let me know in case you have any questions!

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